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Wearing It Well: Kiko Cagayat



fashionable person kiko cagayat

What role does fashion play in your daily life?

I love everything about fashion, art, interior and architecture. Everyday, I am always daydreaming about what to wear, what furniture to buy and it gives me enthusiasm in life.

Kiko Cagayat fashion play

How important is it to you?

It’s important if you’re working in a fashion industry. For ordinary people, I suggest to give priority first on what you love.

Kiko Cagayat Fashion

Do you consider yourself a fashionable person?

Japanese men are very fashionable and I want to keep pace with them. I consider myself a fashion person but not avant garde


Wearing It Well: Kiko Cagayat

What is your typical daily wear?

I go to work with a t-shirt, parka, jogging pants and a pair of sneakers. Nothing fancy.

KIKO CAGAYAT Wearing It Well

Favorite thing to wear

My colored contact lenses because I look old wearing eyeglasses.


Can’t live without?

Family (clingy). iPhone with an internet connection.

fashionable kiko cagayat

Fashion philosophy

Wear whatever makes you feel beautiful.

Kiko Cagayat daily wear






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