Prosper your Mind, Prosper your Money

By Bo Sanchez

Do you want to be free from financial worry? Do you want to pay your debts? Do you want to send your kids to good schools? Do you want to buy a car that doesn’t break down every two months? Do you want to buy your own house? Do you want to, one day, walk up to me and give me a one million donation? (Yes!)

Friend, all this is possible. How? You’ve got to learn a new system.

The legendary business guru, W. Edwards Deming, said, “Your system is perfectly designed to give you the results you’re getting.” What did he mean by that? That if all the cars coming out of a car factory have inverted bumpers, then that factory’s system is perfectly designed to produce cars with inverted bumpers.

It’s the same with your finances. If you have a mountain of debt, if you can’t make ends meet, it’s because your financial system is perfectly designed to give you your financial struggles. By making changes in your financial system, you’ll be able to change the results you’re getting in your financial life.

Today, I’d like to share about the power of belief.


My Passion Is To Teach the Poor to Prosper

Each week, I preach to thousands. I preach on television too. I also lead a small group of very big businessmen—all multi-millionaires. But each week, I also lead another small group in our home, composed of my driver and three helpers. In our small group, we do the same thing. We pray together and share our life.

Last year, I taught them how to save, invest, and tithe. In last week’s meeting, they thanked me for teaching them how to prosper. They were crying tears of joy! I was so touched by their gratitude. My driver said, “Sir, for the first time in my life, I now have savings. I’ve never saved before. Now, I have PHP20,000!” He said he has PH5,000 in the bank, and another PHP15,000 invested in a business.   My driver lives in the slum area. To him, PHP20,000 was like a million pesos.

My helpers? The three of them opened an account in citiseconline, an online trading platform. Yes, my helpers will be investing in the stock market under my guidance. (A year ago, one of them already invested in a Euro Mutual Fund—and earned well.) I shocked them. I told them, “If you’ll continue the investment program I taught you, you’ll retire as millionaires!” You should have seen their faces.  I wish I took their picture!  Awe. Joy. Disbelief. Most of all, it was hope shining through their eyes. I was changing their beliefs.

Once they prosper their mind, I know their money will prosper too.


I Want To Give You Hope

Six years ago, I started preaching on how to be truly rich. I knew it was controversial. A few persons were turned off. They asked me why I kept talking about money. It’s so unbecoming of a preacher, they said. One person even emailed me and said, “Bo, you’ve become worldly. I wish you go back to your old self and talk only about prayer, faith, and love. Stop talking about money!”

I’m sorry. I can’t do that. Let me give you two reasons why. The Bible talks about money more than any other topic. Jesus spoke about money more than Heaven and Hell. Secondly, I want people to prosper. I want everyone to have financial freedom. My heart breaks when I see friends suffer in want. And I know this pain I feel in my heart isn’t just mine. And I know that God’s heart breaks as well. I believe God wants us to prosper in all areas of our life—including your finances.

It’s possible! There’s hope. You can prosper. The first step of becoming financially free is by changing what you believe. Prosper in your mind, and you prosper in your money.

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