Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf: Barney Almazar, Esq. – The People’s Lawyer

Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf: Barney Almazar, Esq. – The People’s Lawyer

Barney Almazar Esq - Photo by Eros Goze for Illustrado Magazine

Barney Almazar Esq – Photo by Eros Goze for Illustrado Magazine

Above and beyond his capacity as a law practitioner, Barney Almazar has become a bit of a superhero figure in the UAE Filipino community – and rightfully so. He collaborates with the Philippine Consulate to provide free legal advice to kabayans regarding debt management. He regularly conducts seminars that cover hotbed issues such as labour policies, financial management, entrepreneurship, and immigration and family laws. And just recently, he has authored the first and only legal guidebook dedicated to the Filipino community.


“I believe that information is the key to keep Filipinos away from trouble. I authored The Essential OFW Guide to UAE to give the OFW’s what they need to know to reach their dreams and make it big in the Emirates,” Barney says.  “I have also written similar guidebooks for KSA and Qatar. Within the year, we are launching my 4th book, Paano Yayaman ang OFW sa Middle East. This is for distribution in KSA, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and Oman.”


One of Barney’s most memorable and well-received projects was his financial literacy awareness campaign. “60% of the cases I oversaw were debt-related,” he says. “It is a sad reality that the majority of the OFW’s do not understand the real cost of credit card financing. To get the people aware and reexamine their spending behaviour, I use catchphrases they can easily relate with: Kahit walang ipon, basta may iPhone; Kahit walang pera sa wallet, basta may tablet at gadget.”


Barney represented the Middle East Network of three million Filipinos in the 3rd Global Summit of Filipinos in Diaspora – a feat that he considers as his greatest achievement. He is a director at the Commercial Department of Gulf Law in the Middle East, Philippines and United Kingdom. A lifetime member of the Philippine Bar, he holds a UAE legal consultancy license, as well as Juris Doctor and MBA dual degrees on International Business and European Union Law from the University of London.


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  1. Good morning po Attorney Barney Almazar. Kumusta po? Attorney, I would like to seek some help from you. This with regards of the money I borrowed from someone for a total of 13,000aed and I paid every month for the 10% interest of the principal which is amounting to 1,300aed/mo. I borrowed money from them because my salary was not enough to cover up the expenses of my mother when she got hospitalized lasts 2014 or 2015 (I can’t remember the exact date). Because my salary that time was only 3,175aed. And only this pasts 3 mos. (Nov.-Dec. 2016 & Jan. 2017) I’ve failed to pay the interests because I’m struggling on money. I find ways to pay them at least the interests but unfortunately no one from my friends or officemate can help me because they also have financial issues. And then I’ve realize after calculating my payment with them every month for the past 2 years, I paid them more than the principal already. Principal amount= 13,000aed, Interest of 10% which is 1,300aed/mo., after calculating 1,300 x 24 mos.= 31,200aed. But still they want me to pay the principal which is for me (based on my computation) I paid it already more than of it.
    Seeking for your kind help because in the pasts 3 mos. also I didn’t sent money to my family in the Philippines because of this. And even me here, I borrowed small amount of money from other friends so that I can pay my house rent, sewa, wifi, and most especially the food. Which I cried out at night because I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to budget my salary. Because every month also I have a deduction on my housing advance here in the company. Because my Aunt was hospitalized lasts year 2016 where she got operated and the expenses was too expensive, that’s why they asked help from me. But still that housing advance was not enough so, I’ve requested from the bank a medical advance (because they can provide temporarily the medical expenses as long as there is a proof of medical certificate). So, from my salary of 4,675aed (increase lasts 2015)after calculating nothing left for me.
    Housing Advance = 1,500aed
    Medical Advance (bank) = 1,500aed
    Debts (from someone) = 1,300aed
    TOTAL 4,300aed
    less total amt. of salary (4,675aed)
    Total (money left) 375.00aed

    My house rent was amounting to 600aed, Sewa 200aed, internet 55aed for a total of 855aed wherein the money left for me was only 375aed. Which lead me also to borrow again from someone who is willing to help (if you’re lucky) and too sad if I couldn’t find someone to help me which I think too much sometimes because I don’t know where I can get a money. I cannot concentrate on my work because something bothering on my mind.
    Honestly, I don’t want to bring this problem on this kind of level because it hurts me a lot (because it’s your fellow kabayan) and my family was already affected because of my situation. And now I’m suffering too much on my problem, I badly need some help.

    Seeking for your kind help Attorney Barney.

    Thank you very much,

    Anna Liza

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  2. Plzzzz help me barney sir,i need ur legal advice immideatly,where can i connect with u

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  3. Magandang araw po sir…ako po si edmon sa kasalukuyan po akong nkakatira dto sa satwa..dati po akong nag tatrabaho sa isang malaking kumpanya na nka base dto rin po sa UAE ….ntapos po ang kontrata ko last
    year pero dpo ako umuwi at nag baka skali prin po na mka kita ng trabaho kaya lang po hanggang ngayon wla parin po akong trabaho puro partime job lang po…hanggang ngayon sir wala parin po akong visa….isang dàhilan po ng hindi ko pag uwe ay bukod po sa akoy may edad na 46 npo àko at ang ganoong edad po ay mahiràp ng mka kita ng trabaho sa ipinas at may nag aaral pa po akong anak na nsa kolehiyo kaya nag disisyon akong mag baka skali pa na maka pag trabaho pa dto na khit may idad na tinatanggap prin ng ibang kumpanya…isa pa pong problema sir ay may bank loan po ako na dko na nhuhulugan sa dàhilang bukod po sa dko npo kayang mag hulog ng 1000 dirham kada buwan ntatakot po akong pumunta ng bangko baka po kc ipahuli nila ako willing naman po akong mag bayad khit 500 dirham kda buwan kaya long po kanino ako lalapit ..isa pa po sir last year po bibili po sna ako ng sarili Kong visa ang problema po sir kinasuhan npo ako ng dati Kong kumpanya ng absconding nki pag usap po ung PRO ng mag iisponsor sna skin pero araw mki pag kita ng PRO ng dati Kong kumpanya.,,sinubukàn Kong kausapin cya at nki usàp ako na bka pwedeng mtulungan nya pilipino din po kc ung dati Kong PRO pero sinabihan nya akong “problema mo yan ikaw ang lumutas ” hanggang ngayon po Un pa ang problema ko kc sbi ng lokal na mag iisponsor po sna skin na araw mki pag ayos ng kababayàn Kong pinoy wala daw clang magagawa. ….tanong ko sir papano po Un Katulad ng sa skin papano ako makaka bayad kung di ako mkaka kuha ng mag bibisa skin bale wala din po pala ang pakiki pag sapalaran kung gusto ko pong mag bayad sa bangko papano po Un. …marami pong salamat at pag palain po kayo ng nsa taas salamat po ulit

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