Editor’s Blog – And so, here goes…

Sherry Tenorio – our writer, PR, all around cute rah-rah girl came by today and told me it’s about time I blog.

“Blog about what?”  I said.

“Anything,” she said.  “Just blog.”

Well, I’m not exactly new to blogging.  Had an active blog some 7 odd years ago, before Multiply became a shopping site, pre-Facebook and Tumblr.  (Yes, that makes me sound so ancient and uncool, right?)

But I’ve stopped, since I got busy with Illustrado.  That, and suddenly feeling overly conscious that me and my sometimes “big mouth” might get the better of me vis-a-vis work.

And what exactly should I blog about?

  • My (sometimes complicated) musings on the Filipino life outside the homeland?
  • The complicated/stressful/neurotic/fulfilling/happy/interesting/normal life of a lifestyle glossy editor-in-chief/social entrepreneur/closet activist/proud Pinoy/doting mom and wife/little girl pretending to be a big girl kind of a person?
  • Or the guilty pleasure of playing spectator to the bitchy exchanges in the local fashion industry in glitzy Dubai (bring out the popcorn!  I bet you’d like to watch too 😛 )
  • My fear of aging (hmmmnnn)? Insomnia? The growing potbelly I’ve acquired since last summer (which has a life of its own and thinks it’s here to stay) and how I’ve always wanted to learn to dance hip-hop but never got the nerve to join the teens in the local dance studio?
  • Even better, my affinity for Steve Jobs, Delivering Happiness, hope and optimism, cake (?), the environment and how I just might be turning Taoist or Buddhist sometime in the future?


There are so many different things to talk about,

Perhaps, even against my better judgment 😛

But what the heck.

And so, here goes …


Hello world.  Is anybody out there?


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