It’s What I Do: Denri Jil B. David and Kent Rosales

It’s What I Do:  Denri Jil B. David and Kent Rosales




Chief Designer – H2O Concepts LLC

Abu Dhabi, UAE


My Job

I am currently on my 6th year with H2O Concepts, one of the leading furniture dealers in the UAE. I am the Chief Designer of the Abu Dhabi branch. I started my career back in 2010 as one of the junior designers and got promoted in 2013. I oversee the design process between our sales and design team. As designers, we interpret the client’s requirement in providing full office furniture solution from space planning, furniture selection, finishes boards and even 3D visuals in order to aid our sales team in closing orders with clients. We have a wide range of foreign brands from USA, Europe and Asia, this allows me to coordinate with the suppliers technical team in order to get the details of their products and at the same time transferring the information with my Design Team.

My Typical Working Day

Just like any other typical expat, I start my office day with a hot cup of coffee. As inquiries are come in from our sales team, I usually get brief details and later on distribute the workload to the design team. I involve myself mostly with complex tenders from which I decide together with the Sales Manager the proper solution we can offer from our product ranges and advice the proper space planning.  A typical project would probably go on for months before we finally close the deal – just imagine all the revisions and clarifications that would go back & forth.

Message for my fellow expats

Being away from our home country makes us vulnerable to despair and pessimism, but we should not let our trials pull our self-esteem down. Instead they should motivate us into reaching for our full potential. As the legendary Bruce Lee quoted : “Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.”


It’s What I Do:  Denri Jil B. David and Kent Rosales

Associate Wealth Manager-Globaleye

Dubai, UAE


My Job

I’m an Associate Wealth Manager at Globaleye. Although my main field of expertise is UK Pension transfer and analysis, I also provide comprehensive financial planning solutions to expatriates in the UAE. I do travel on and offshore, depending on investors’ locations and their investment requirements. I also conduct seminars that focus on providing financial literacy to our Filipino expats in the UAE.

My Typical Working Day

I am normally out and about, running around the city like a headless chicken. Well, it’s part of my job and my extremely outgoing personality makes me love what I do even more. I’m normally not in the office unless I have no meetings on my diary (which rarely happens).

Message for my fellow expats

An expatriate’s life shouldn’t be about ‘living your life for today’ but should rather be about ‘living today for tomorrow!’ We can always enjoy everything that comes along being residents of one of the world’s fastest emerging nation whilst keeping savings and protection planning our top priority! Read articles regarding financial planning. Speak to people who have existing protection and savings provisions in place and learn from them. Seek for professional advise. Share these information to those who lacks knowledge on such matters. Spread the words. Care. Share. Communicate.



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