10 Habits to a Healthy Body

By Bo Sanchez

As I was preparing this article for Illustrado’s August issue, news on TV was still dominated by updates on H1N1 and the surge in cases in the Philippines – pegged at 100 as of the last Department of Health report.

Identified in April 2009, H1N1 was first known as “swine flu” because two strains of the virus are endemic in pigs, although the virus has another strain endemic in birds, and another one in humans. Cases of human victims were first discovered in the United States, then Mexico where many victims had died, and then virus spread so fast in other countries that the World Health Organization has recently declared it a “pandemic.”

Experts are scrambling to finish vaccine development and testing, but until they succeed, they say the best defence against the virus is a strong immune system.

Now, a strong immune system does not happen overnight. It is a result of habits we have formed through the years. So I quickly dug up a blog I had written about my 10 habits to a healthy body. Here, I share them with you…

Your future will be defined by your habits.

I’m ready to die anytime — right this minute if necessary. (I hope my wife isn’t reading this, because she hates it when I start talking this way.)

But I also want to prepare for a long and healthy life — and that’s so possible. My father passed away when he was 88. And my Mom is going strong at 83. Studies show that the life span of human beings is getting longer. Babies born today have an average life span of 101 years old.

But hey, I don’t want to be lying down in bed when I hit 90! That’s the last thing I want to do. I want to be 90 and still be preaching around the world! And still be making love to my spouse. (Okay, I want my wife to read that one.)

Here are my 10 Habits to a Healthy Body:

1. Move!

2. Eat the Best Kinds of Food

3. Juice Your Vegetables

4. Supplements

5. Sleep Like a Babe

6. Drink Enough

7. Work with Passion

8. Feel Your Feelings

9. Be Happy

10. Love Well

*Bo Sanchez elaborates these tips in the feature published in Illustrado Magazine. Check it out here.

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