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10 Commandments of the Summer Goddess

10 Commandments of the Summer Goddess

By Anna De Leon

Photo by Debbie Fortes @debbiefortes

  1. Know that you are the Summer Goddess. This is the 1st commandment to owning it this summer. Keep in mind that the sun bows down before you with your beauty and radiance. Keep your skin at its best by wearing sunscreen.
  1. Show off that glow by keeping your skin clear of embedded dirt by indulging in a deep cleansing facial ritual in the comforts of your home. Steam, then use your favorite facial cleanser. Used a mild scrub to exfoliate and indulge in your favorite deep cleansing mask. Tone to equalize your skin’s PH levels and don’t forget to moisturize.
  1. Summer is about showing off your tan but not when you have scaly skin. Don’t scare the sun gods with flaky skin when you don your off shoulder tops. Exfoliate and slather some glow enhancing lotion on your shoulders. You will never get a cold shoulder. GUARANTEED.
  1. This is the season for open toed sandals. Keep the soles of your feet soft with lotion because there is more nothing unsightly than parched as the Dubai desert soles on sandals. LOL!
  1. Keep your make up as light as much as possible – and I am not just talking about colours. If you are used to wearing a full coverage foundation, shift to a BB cream for a change; from matte lipstick go for glosses; black eyeliner to brown.
  1. Because cold water from the tap is a rare commodity during summer months in Dubai, make sure you condition the tips of your hair like there is no tomorrow. Avoid applying conditioner on the scalp because this will flatten your hair even more.
  1. Try giving up hot styling tools and let your hair air dry. This is will give you authentic beach waves instead of slaving away with your curling iron.
  1. Scent is very personal, but my suggestion for scorching summer is just switch from heavy EDP to colognes. From Spicy, woody scents to citrus ones.
  1. This is the season for shorts, sleeveless tops and bikinis. Don’t beckon Apollo to rise by donning your summer staples without shaving. Word of Caution. Do not shave and swim in the beach immediately. You have been warned.
  1. Last but not the least, SMILE. Let your hair down and enjoy the Season of the Sun.





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