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  • Drinking Alcohol in the UAE: Why intoxication is a serious crime

    Posted by: illustrado - Dec. 07 2014

    Drinking Alcohol in the UAE: Why intoxication is a serious crime By Atty. Barney Almazar Alcohol intoxication is a serious offense in Muslim jurisdictions as evidenced by the gravity of penalty associated to it. A person guilty of illicit sexual relation will be given 100 lashes while alcohol drinking warrants 80 lashes. This is because […]

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    Posted by: illustrado - Nov. 27 2014

    by Nicholo Jallores “I’ve learned 2 things about TV. It’s always easier with vodka & some of the best singers are from the Philippines.” – Ellen DeGeneres There is something about Filipino singers. They are so good at what they do, they confound the world. It’s not just that that they are so skillful; it’s […]

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  • Wedding Ideas: Dreaming of Unique Weddings

    Posted by: illustrado - Nov. 23 2014

    To inspire you on how to make most of your nuptial, Illustrado gathers some fun, hip and innovative themes. You may opt to stick in an idea or two, but if you dream of being the talk-of-the-town then feel free on indulging with the whole idea. We're very much sure your wedding is going to get that kind of attention.

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  • Filipino Arts: Love at the Center Stage

    Posted by: illustrado - Dec. 14 2014

    A well-maintained professional approach to their work makes Jojo and Kris-Belle an exemplary performing arts couple. With the physical demands and emotional rides always present in rendering a great performance onstage...

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  • Filipino Photographer: Alexander Yee

    Posted by: illustrado - Nov. 26 2014

    Alexander Yee found his niche beyond his university double-degree and professional expertise. His chosen medium for his works, appeals to even the most scrutinizing eye.

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  • Pinoy Entrepreneur: Mindmill Ideation Co.

    Posted by: illustrado - Dec. 10 2014

    Mindmill Ideation Co. strategy was to target small and medium size companies that bigger agencies were trying to ignore. Now we are servicing three hotels, a bar and restaurant, high end beauty salon, spa, real estate office, oil and gas companies and one cosmetic clinic.

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  • Filipino Entrepreneur: Another Look at Education

    Posted by: illustrado - Nov. 26 2014

    Entrepreneurial education founded on liberal arts is, today, the key to personal economic success. Liberal arts teach us to how to think and assess, to define problems and arrive at solutions, to create and add value.

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  • Month of December: 5 Things to Do

    Posted by: illustrado - Dec. 17 2014

    Christmas is the day of giving. That is why we should still adhere to the tradition, and live up to it in our own ways. There is no need to buy expensive gifts – meaningful gifts that come out of thoughtfulness and sincerity are what we have to give away.

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  • Nang Maghalo ang Balat sa Tinalupan

    Posted by: illustrado - Dec. 13 2014

    It’s hard to find true friends nowadays. Mahirap makahanap ng mga taong makakaintindi sa yo and who will accept you for who you are. Syempre dapat pareho kayo ng taste – sa damit, sa sapatos, sa music, sa pelikula, sa lalake, pati sa paboritong artista.

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  • It’s What I Do

    Posted by: illustrado - Jul. 13 2014

    We peek into the lives of the hard-working Filipino professionals in the UAE, and find out what they love about their work in “It’s what I do”

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  • Gee, your kabayan smells terrific!

    Posted by: illustrado - May. 27 2014

    Filipinos in particular are an olfactory sort. We spend a lot of time and money on ensuring that we smell good, or at the very least, that we don’t smell bad. According to Eden Strategy Institute’s Emerging Middle Class Survey, 4 out of 10 Filipinos cannot live without soap and shampoo.

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