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  • Filipino Designers: Illustrado Retro – Michael Cinco

    Posted by: illustrado - Oct. 15 2014

    Before he became known as the ‘impalpable one’ who creates million peso dresses, Michael Cinco, one of the world’s foremost Filipino designers was already larger than life.  Take a look into his colorful past as we backtrack on our first cover shoot with him in 2007. ILLUSTRADO RETRO:  MICHAEL CINCO Story by Lalaine Chu-Benitez Photography:  […]

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  • Filipino Designers: A Tale of Two Designers – Izchka Zeta & Yen AB

    Posted by: illustrado - Oct. 09 2014

    By Lalaine Chu-Benitez   Two exceptional Filipino designers, whose careers and personal paths are inextricably linked, also happen to be two of the strongest couturiers to watch in the emirates right now. With a clear cut fashion perspective and design brilliance that stands out, these createurs de mode are set to make an indelible mark […]

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  • My Pinoy Life In: Bangkok, Thailand

    Posted by: illustrado - Aug. 25 2014

    Filipinos abroad share about their life in different cities across the globe. Risk Management professional Gay Iglesias takes us through the bustling city of Bangkok.

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  • Back To Reality

    Posted by: Antonino Benitez - Jul. 10 2014

    It’s “Back to School” Season back home and funny girl Aby Yap breaks the news that the summer holiday has finally come to an end and it’s back to reality for students in the Phils.

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  • 10 Signs To Know If You’re an Eternal Student

    Posted by: illustrado - Jul. 08 2014

    Life is all about taking risks and being adventurous. Bo Sanchez says that trying new things is the only way to move forward in life in his inspirational article “10 signs to know you’re an Eternal Student”

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  • It’s What I Do

    Posted by: illustrado - Sep. 23 2014

    We peek into the lives of the hard-working Filipino professionals in the UAE, and find out what they love about their work in “It’s What I Do”

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  • Gee, your kabayan smells terrific!

    Posted by: illustrado - May. 27 2014

    Filipinos in particular are an olfactory sort. We spend a lot of time and money on ensuring that we smell good, or at the very least, that we don’t smell bad. According to Eden Strategy Institute’s Emerging Middle Class Survey, 4 out of 10 Filipinos cannot live without soap and shampoo.

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