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  • Filipinos in UAE: Getting Married 101

    Posted by: illustrado - Nov. 23 2014

    Getting Married 101 By Sherry Tenorio Do you want to be a June bride? Well, before picking the dates in your calendar, we suggest that you take note of the following guide on how to get married in the UAE. Marriage in the UAE is not as easy as 1-2-3, and we’re certain that you […]

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  • Wedding Ideas: Dreaming of Unique Weddings

    Posted by: illustrado - Nov. 23 2014

    To inspire you on how to make most of your nuptial, Illustrado gathers some fun, hip and innovative themes. You may opt to stick in an idea or two, but if you dream of being the talk-of-the-town then feel free on indulging with the whole idea. We're very much sure your wedding is going to get that kind of attention.

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  • Our Endless Summer

    Posted by: illustrado - Nov. 22 2014

    This summer is inclusive of the Agua de Mayo or first rain of May, which is held to be a health boon. One drops what one's doing, strips and runs outdoors, celebrates the water released by the first thunderstorm of May, as long as it's not just a passing shower, but a drenching rain.

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  • The Grandest of Them All: Bayanihan and Pagpapatulóy

    Posted by: illustrado - Nov. 17 2014

    The Grandest of Them All: Bayanihan and Pagpapatulóy. Bayanihan also occurs with the most selfless of motives — except maybe for a bit of Pinoy pride. Look around and you’ll see that bayanihan need not have a melodramatic backdrop every time.

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  • It’s What I Do

    Posted by: illustrado - Jul. 13 2014

    We peek into the lives of the hard-working Filipino professionals in the UAE, and find out what they love about their work in “It’s what I do”

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  • Gee, your kabayan smells terrific!

    Posted by: illustrado - May. 27 2014

    Filipinos in particular are an olfactory sort. We spend a lot of time and money on ensuring that we smell good, or at the very least, that we don’t smell bad. According to Eden Strategy Institute’s Emerging Middle Class Survey, 4 out of 10 Filipinos cannot live without soap and shampoo.

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